The national resource for the support of children who sacrifice their education, health,
well-being & childhood to provide care for family members who are ill, injured, elderly, or disabled.
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AACY Makes a Difference!
This year of 41 high school seniors who were active in the Caregiving Youth Project, 40 graduated! This is about 20% greater than the Palm Beach County graduation rate. Of these, 33 are going on to college and two are entering the military. We are so proud of them and the whole AACY team who has supported them through the years. Read more about caregiving youth and their activities in each monthly issue of Treasure Talk (Click here for Treasure Talk).
AACY Requests Legislative Support at the PBC Legislative Delegation
On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, Ann Faraone, EdD, AACY Director of Educational Services, presented about caregiving youth issues to the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation. This included: Senators, Joseph Abruzzo - District 25; Jeff Clemens - District 27; Joe Negron - District 32; and Maria Sachs - District 34. Also Representatives, Kevin Rader - District 81; MaryLynn Magar - District 82; Pat Rooney Jr. - District 85; Mark Pafford - District 86; Dave Kerner - District 87; Bobby Powell Jr. - District 88; Bill Hager - District 89; Lori Berman - District 90; Irving "Irv" Slosberg - District 91.

When legislators fully understand the issues caregiving youth face, then Florida will lead the way, and become the first state to recognize and support caregiving youth in every school district. Another top priority is to update research (last reported 2005) to show that today there are many more then the 1.3 million youth ages 8-18 years who care for family members in the US.

Recently Published
American Psychological Association publication: "Invisible caregivers
More than a million children and adolescents are caring for family members. What are the consequences for their development?"
By Stacy Lu
September 2015, Vol 46, No. 8
AACY's New Partner

Does your family have unpaid medical bills? Dispute has partnered with AACY to review your medical bills and reduce your stress by saving you money. Dispute Founder, Matt Moulakelis has been a caregiver and created this company after his family's experience.

How does it work? Simply tell Dispute your story and a Dispute representative will contact you to setup a free case consultation. They want to better understand your case so they can better advocate. Next, Dispute will send you a request to upload your medical documents through a HIPAA secure platform. If you prefer, you can always mail or fax your documents as well. Finally, let Dispute get to work so they can save you money.

Spotlight on Lauraleigh Gould

Lauraleigh is a CPA licensed through the State of New York, and holds a BBA in Accounting from St. John's University. When not "accounting", Lauraleigh, her husband and sons provide volunteer services and fundraising for "Stand Down House" in West Palm Beach and the American Association of Caregiving Youth, in Boca Raton. She is also very involved in the local public schools. Having come from very humble beginnings, Lauraleigh believes that education is the leveling ground of society; and great schools and a home-life conducive to learning is what every child deserves.

Most recently, the Gould family business QEP had over 50 of it's employees renovate an AACY family's home. It was truly like an extreme makeover! All materials, time and labor were donated. QEP employees also collected funds and amongst many tears presented the family with a Walmart gift card.

Lauraleigh, serves on the AACY board, fundraising committee, facilitates sponsorship opportunites and donations, is also mentoring a high school student who lost her mother to cancer and is a caregiver to her ill father.

Lauraleigh's son Ben has followed his parents' lead in understanding the importance of giving back to the community. Ben collects and sells items on eBay and has the proceeds go to AACY.

A special "shout out" and thank you to the Gould Family!

AACY Making Waves (Air waves that is...)
Forum for Nonprofits Radio Show
Forum for Nonprofits is a radio show designed to provide nonprofit organizations with a valuable public platform for explaining their mission and requesting financial support. Cara Zimmerman hosts the show sponsored by the Spirit of Giving Network in Boca Raton, Florida. The half hour show airs each Sunday morning on Beasley Broadcast Group's WSBR 740 AM at 6:30 AM and WWNN 1470 AM at 7:30a.m

Kids Count Radio Show aired in Indiana
IYI's weekly KIDS COUNT® Radio Show is a 30-minute public affairs program that brings a fresh, compelling look at issues affecting Hoosier kids and parents. The show discusses key issues and provides applicable tips and resources. Guests include youth development experts, authors, educational and government leaders and Indiana youth workers. After October 4th, you can listen here as Dr. Connie Siskowski and Lynne Durbin, LMHC of AACY discuss youth caregiving.
Life Styles Magazine Radio Show
Beverly Kennedy, Clear Channel's WBZT's Monday Evening's Line-up presents, accurate researched facts and knowledgeable guests to inform listeners on the important financial, health and legal issues affecting our lifestyles. Well-defined solutions and lifestyle enhancing cultural events are the program's purposes to help with life priorities. Questions and comments are welcome from listener.
Listen to Dr. Connie Siskowski on the Beverly Kennedy Radio Show recorded and aired on September 7th at 7PM.
Annual Hearts & "Soles" Dinner and Dancing: Grease Edition
The American Association of Caregiving Youth invites you to the annual Hearts & "Soles" event being held Saturday, February 20, 2016 at the Broken Sound Club. Grease is the word and 50's attire is acceptable as we encourage everyone to be "Hopelessly Devoted to Youth!"
A kick off event is at Ellie's Diner in Delray Beach on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 6:00pm. A bottle of wine valued at $20 or donation would be appreciated to go towards our renowned wine wall.

For more information on either event, please call 561.391.7401 or visit

Inaugural Boca Raton Mayor's Ball
Presented and hosted by Rotary Club Downtown Boca this formal event is set for Saturday, October 17th at Broken Sound Club.
The inaugural 2015 George Long Awards - named for the City's first appointed mayor in 1924 and designed by Tiffany & Co. - will be presented to the following that have each championed the tradition of bringing indelible visionary ideas and transformation to Boca Raton: Barb Schmidt, American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY), and the Boca Raton Bowl (BRB). Read about the Mayors Ball
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